Mobile Marketing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


Mobile recently gained power during the past decade. Mobile devices started selling like hotcakes that marketing campaigns started changing at the same time. Consumer behavior has changed too. Stats on mobile marketing facts have changed drastically. Shoppers are now more tech savvy at using mobile devices. To prove have mobile adept they are, below are mobile marketing facts that will blow your mind.

143 million US consumers use smart phones and 71 million have tablets (Heidi Cohen)

The affordability and awesome function of mobile devices have enabled users to window shop and perform transactions online.

50% convert to sales
This is a low blow compared to the whopping 70% of desktop action that convert to sales...

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Facts about YouTube Marketing

Want your page to rank high or even the highest in search engines? It’s about time you spice up that page with amazing videos that every online guest will enjoy. Videos are the most powerful tools to use in online marketing making YouTube marketing the most widely-used method. Videos do not only speak a thousand words but are also cheap or affordable (that is id you will be getting paid ads). YouTube, a social media giant, has turned into an awesome platform.

Millions of users

Millions of users

Increasing brand recognition is easy with YouTube because millions of users are there. Remember that signing up to this platform is free making it an enticing place to socialize. It is fairly easy to find your target market...

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Stats that Prove How Mobile Devices are Taking Over

Mobile marketing is the thing of the future so every marketer knows how significant it is.  The future success of your marketing campaign lies on going mobile.

Look around you. Perhaps you’ve noticed at least one person busy checking his smart phone. This is an indication that mobile devices have become an essential part of everyone’s daily routine. This happens even in your homes. Did you realize that the one of the first things you do in the morning is checking on your mobile device with your social media accounts like Facebook.

Most of the mobile today has the ability to access websites provided they have internet that’s why mobile plus social media is the great tool for marketing. Choose the right site when doing advertisement, if you want to use video YouTube is right for you...

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Analyzing Marketing Trends Through Statistics

Analyzing Marketing Trends Through Statistics

Get a clear understanding about trends and use them in making your marketing campaign a huge success. Statistics will give you the real measure so that you can evaluate the potential and possible outcome of the marketing programs you are implementing. Because of trends, you get an accurate idea on the progress you are making.

Data Source

For you to have something to work on, you need to get all the raw data first. You can choose to hire experts who can interpret them for you.  The demographics you can get from the data will tell you if you’ve reached your target market or not. Well, if you haven’t reached them, start working on it then. It’s never too late to direct your efforts to the direction where they should be.

Combing marketing channels

Hitting your target market means you n...

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Relevant Consumer Insights and Statistics

modern marketing

Every online marketing strategy must be customized depending on your plans and target consumers. Since competition is getting tighter and tighter, standing out among the rest should be your main goal. Utilizing social media as your strategy is the best and effective way to market your customers so keep up with the trends including mobile marketing.

Consumers’ insights

  • Half of small businesses feel bad about being ‘sold to’ other bigger businesses. (Consumer Insight Group)
  • 27% of online traffic comes from social media networks. (Experian)
  • 85% of Facebook users recommend brands. (Syncapse)
  • Women form most of the traffic in online media sites (Ipsos)
  • Half of internet users worldwide signed in to Facebook. (GlobalWebIndex)
  • Social media accounts get 1.9% of the traffic. (eConsultancy)
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21 Awesome Marketing Facts


The first banner ad was made by (formerly HotWired) in 1994.

  1. About 7% of Americans have never heard of Facebook.
  2. About 41% never heard of LinkedIn.
  3. Food styling makes food inedible.  Wet paper towels keep burger buns fresh-looking.
  4. ‘Got Milk’ ad campaign was not entirely appealing to Rich Silverstein because not only did it sound lazy but also grammatically wrong.
  5. Jack Dorsey’s Twitter was supposed to be Twitter. It was changed to Twitter right before it was launched.
  6. 50% of mobile banners are accidental clicks because of fat fingers.
  7. Pharmaceutical companies spend about 13% on research and 20% on advertisements. Don’t expect the cancer cure soon.
  8. Spirit Airlines 7.5% discount gets criticized for the tricky misplaced red dot.
  9. Taco Bell’s wonder dog is a female Chihuahu...
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15 Interesting Facts about Online Ads


Big brands and small businesses have incorporated online advertising to their marketing campaigns. Traditional advertising is still in but small businesses that have small capitals will surely spend a little (signing up is free unless you will avail ads) and get high returns.

  1. YouTube ads cost about $400,000 that usually gets 60 million views. A well-structured ad can reach millions of viewers daily so as the days go by, reach can increase exponentially.
  2. Super bowl views multiplied by 10 totals to YouTube views. It is way cheaper to get YouTube ads compared to Super Bowl ads.
  3. Twitter is the most loved social media giant of mobile users. Smart phones and tablets comprise about 65% of the total sales on ads.
  4. Twitter gets 87% of its income from ads.
  5. In 2013, Google AdWord grew to 22%.
  6. As o...
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36 Effective Marketing Stats


Statistics can help build trust because they can are easy to understand and serve as proof to others. Statements accompanied with stats are proven true because of supporting data. Grabbing many people’s attention is fairly easy because stats are simply enticing. They can also serve as useful information in making necessary changes that you need to improve your business.

  1. Mobile users are increasing in number an 80% rise was noticed for the past 6 months.
  2. Websites get about 434% indexed pages and 97% indexed links
  3. Blogs can significantly affect purchase decisions compared to magazines
  4. Sales conversion can be increased by 86% if you use videos
  5. Banner ads get about 2.1%
  6. Articles with images get about 94% more views compared those that don’t
  7. Use infographics to increase traffic by 12%
  8. Ema...
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21 Smart Marketing Statistics


As competition among businesses get tighter and more challenging, the demand for effective and innovative tactics match with measurable statistics grows. Internet has a large impact to the marketing industry so be smart in making plans.

  1. More posts, less engagement ─ well-timed posts are more important so make sure that yours are useful and compelling enough.
  2. Use click-through links because click-through rate is 119% greater than business as usual messages.
  3. Respond to your fans because only 30% of social media fans receive feedback.
  4. Target tablet users because they spend about 13.9 hours of their time on tablets on a weekly basis,
  5. Text messaging still has power because it has become a part of our daily routine.
  6. About 80% of email addresses are accessed by mobile device users.
  7. Television...
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